Are elders able to produce TV News content?


TV production and TV News

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Luís Miguel Pato, Patricia Torrijo Fíncias, Cristóvão Margarido, Ricardo Pocinho, & Hugo Miguel Carvalho. (2023). Are elders able to produce TV News content?. RIAGE - Revista Ibero-Americana De Gerontologia, 4.


When examining the current media landscape, we can see that technologies play a major role in our daily lives. No one is immune to its effects even elders, who are typically seen as being removed from these situations, have long since given up their role of "laggards" (Rogers, 1995) and are now "digital immigrants" (Prensky, 2001). It represents an opportunity for them to express themselves creatively as anyone, they can generate, publish, and broadcast content if they have the necessary tools and acquire the right know-how. A study being conducted at Leiria Polytechnic Institute's ESECS (Higher School of Education and Social Sciences) for the Senior TV project, the aim is for a group of seniors (from the Polytechnic’s 60+ project) to produce, record, direct, and edit TV news programming (interviews and reports). This content is already accessible via YouTube.

We believe that, by being taught how to produce TV, elders might benefit from this experience in a wide array of areas. It helps in their social relationships as well as raise their levels of media and digital literacy and impose a moment of permanent education.